You can choose between three (3) different bidding tactics: Classic, Comfort and Active

  • Classic: The bidding is fully handled by the system. The goal is to always place a bid right above the competing bidders but no more than that. The bidding service automatically places bids in your name up to your maxbid. The minimum bidding intervals vary between items.
  • Comfort: Works like the Classic bid but with the difference that the system takes the current bid and reservation price into consideration. A good choice if you know you’ll bid high but don’t want to get caught up in bidding below the reservation price.
  • Active: The bid will be the one you place and is handled manually. Good to use if you want to place a large bid from the start and take home the whole auction, but requires attention from the bidders part in case other bidder might have maxbids in place.

All bids are binding but cost free.
If a maxbid have been reached a mail will be sent to the bidder that placed that bid. No mails are sent when you are overbid on items.
If you place a bid that the same as another bidders maxbid your bid will be lowered with one (1) SEK and the other bidders maxbid will become the current bid.

See the following scenario below:

If two bidders place the same bid, the bidder whose bid was first registered will win. In the bid history the last received bid will appear -1 SEK.

Then a maxbid have been reached a mail will be sent to the bidder that placed that bid informing him/her of this. Note that no mails will be sent out if a bidder get overbid on an item.

Each item has a specific listing end time that also varies. If a bid is placed within three (3) minutes before the listing end time the auction will be extended by (3) minutes. This implies that you as a bidder will be able to follow the bidding and will get a greater chance to win the item. When the auction reaches your highest bid you will get an email.

Winning bid

  • If you have the winning bid and the reserve price is met when the auction ends you will receive an invoice (at the end of the day) to the specified email address. In your PS account you also get an overview of all the past and ongoing auctions.
  • If you have the winning bid, but the reserve price was not met, you will receive an e-mail describing the negotiation process.

Note that all the items have an auction fee (based on the item's market value) and VAT will be added to it.

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