How to sell at PS Auction?

We have two different approaches to sales. The first option is that we examine your property and prepare documentation on the spot. This means taking pictures, preparing a description and assessing the item for sale. We also assist with the viewing and collection of the item before and after the auction.

The other option is that you send the item for sale to one of our district offices. We then prepare the documentation as well as organise the viewing and collection of the item from our premises.  You pay all transportation fees. 

How many items do I need to submit in order to sell?

We don’t have a lower limit but we assess sales opportunities based on the type and value of the items.

Why should I sell through PS Auction?

We have extensive experience within the auction industry and expertise in professional valuation ??of both old and new items. Through PS Auction you as a seller can reach a knowledgeable and interested audience across Europe.

Our main advantage is our efficient organisation that ensures fast, personalised and safe handling. In addition to this we have a wide clientele both when it comes to geographic location and industry, which means that the right buyer for your items is probably among our bidders.

How fast is it?

PS Auction handles an auction process in about three weeks from the moment when the agreement between you and us has been signed. In these three weeks included everything from documentation to accounting of sales. Get detailed information about the process.

How much does it cost?

The cost of an auction process varies and is based among other things on the type and quantity of items.

Information about commission and any additional costs can be obtained by contacting an account manager at your local PS office.

In order for us at PS Auction to calculate the commission cost, you need to specify the type of item you want to sell.

Can you assess my items?

PS carries out a valuation of businesses, equipment, machinery and inventories. We have professional appraisers around Sweden that can help you with an unbiased valuation. Read more about valuation here.

Who determines the reserve price?

You as the seller primarily determine the reserve price. We can provide a quote for approval prior to the auction. However, PS Auction will eventually determine whether the reserve price was set at the right level or not.

Can individuals submit items for sale?

Yes, PS Auction accepts items for sale from individuals. However, these items should be of significant value and adequate for our clientele. We will as well help you to assess this. PS will document and describe the items that are to be auctioned in order to get an objective assessment.

Where are the PS district offices and where are the buyers?

PS has district offices, depots and business partners all over Sweden. This makes it easy for you to work with us. However, we find buyers all over the world, beside the Nordic region PS Auction has buyers from countries like Poland, Russia, the Middle East and South America. As our market of buyers is growing, the chances that your goods will be useful to someone else increase. It serves both you and the environment.