Prices are from our PS-office (Svenljunga, Göteborg, Skellefteå, Malmö and Segeltorp)

Business ex. vat            

Private person incl. vat

Pallet Half pallet   Business package        Pallet Half pallet Privat package
1049 SEK 649 SEK 179 SEK   1299 SEK  799 SEK 149 SEK
ex. vat ex. vat ex. vat   incl. vat incl. vat incl. vat


* Company - If you're not open office hours you need to get a telephone notification, which costs 125 SEK excl. VAT.
* Consumer - The price includes all surcharges levied by the transportation companies.

NOTE! If the package is larger than 150x50x50 cm it needs to be sent as a seperate piece. The price varies depending on the volume and weight.