Shipping & export

How to order delivery within Sweden (only from our PS district offices):


1. Send us an email

2. Confirm the order-pay the invoice

When you have won the item and received an invoice,
you can order delivery from PS district office. Send an email to the freight manager for your item and state the item’s number, user name and delivery address. 

PS will send an invoice to your email address on the final delivery and eventual packaging costs.

Items can only be shipped when both the shipping invoice and the invoice of purchased auction items have been paid. Please, pay the invoice promptly for quick handling.


For assistance with delivery and prices to other places than our office, see first if freight is avalible for the item, then please contact the item's account manager. Contact information of the account manager is specified in the item’s description.

Does your company have a customer number at DHL, Schenker or Posten?
In connection with your shipping booking with us, state your customer number at the freight company. PS will send an invoice to your email address with the packaging cost and a handling cost (100 SEK excluding VAT), and the items will be shipped only when the invoice is paid.


Fee will be charged if the item has not been sent/picked up on time
Items that haven’t been picked up from PS Auction on time will be charged a storage fee of 500 SEK excluding VAT per day and item. The storage fee is charged regardless of whether the item should be sent with a freight company or picked up by a buyer. The freight company will charge a terminal fee if the item hasn’t been picked up on time (after 4 days), see prices of the respective freight company.

PS is not responsible for the items during transit, but we can help you by providing information if in the unlikely event your items have been damaged or lost.

Has your item been damaged? File a complaint to and include information about the purchase as well as delivery. Do not forget to attach photos of the damaged item.


Export within EU

The bidder is a company

  • The company must have avalid VAT-number
  • Swedish VAT are deposited on bids prior to collection. 
  • Upon presentation of the export documents within 2 weeks the deposit is refunded 

The bidder is consumer

  • Swedish VAT are included on bids and bidding fee alike
  • Deposite

Vechicles for export

Please note! Exports of vehicles require a turnaround time of approx. 2 weeks. 
Special terms and fees of Swedish registered vechicles for export